Oral Health Startup Experience

StartupsTake a step into the future with FasTeesH Y-Brush, Tooty VR, Le Tube, Anamnese, Kedzoh Dental, Omplant Driver, Orca Dental AI

Come to the Oral Health Startup Experience area to meet eight fledgling dental companies who, with their innovative products – from auto-cleaning electronic toothbrushes to virtual reality, through organic toothpaste, artificial intelligence and digital dentistry – are shaping future of dentistry..

Room 252 - Level 2 



To bring to everyone a Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, Participatory medicine (4P medicine), we combine the best of digital and artificial intelligence to assist health professionals.
We help healthcare professionals reinvent the patient-practitioner relationship by involving the patient more closely and coordinating the actors in the health system around an exhaustive medical file that our artificial intelligence structures by interviewing patients in their own languages, as a medical assistant would do. This structured and exhaustive medical file allows you to treat your patients more quickly, and monitor them remotely after the consultation or operation.





AppLib, an interactive smartphone app. for health professionals, to help them exchange, find information, and recruit.



FasTeesHFasTeesh Y-Brush

FasTeesh, a French company based in Lyons, commercialises Y-Brush, an auto-cleaning electronic toothbrush, which simultaneously cleans all of your teeth in depth in 10 seconds only.




KedzohDental.com is a website that offers dental technicians self-paced online courses to learn how to use the digital tools of their trade - both software and hardware.
It is also where the leading digital dentistry companies come to present their tools, machines, software and their latest innovations in digital dentistry.



Le TubeLe Tube

Le Tube - A French-designed, top-of-the-range, organic toothpaste in an eco-friendly recyclable packaging!

Le Tube 

OmplantOmplant Driver

The Omplant driver is a wireless device for handling prosthetic parts on dental implants.
A must- have tool that provides unbelievable speed, safety, and comfort to the dental implant practitioner and the patient, while replacing the regular use of a hand driver

omplant Drive


ORCAOrca dental AI

ORCA Dental AI builds artificial intelligence-based software to automate analysis and treatment planning, based on 2D and CBCT imaging. Our AI services includes automatic cephalo analysis, CBCT segmentation, airway volume analysis, and automatic cephalo/panoramic from CBCT. We proudly serve over 2,000 dentists worldwide, and offer our services to practitioners and distributors



Logo TootyTooty VR

The start-up Tooty aims to adapt and make Virtual Reality accessible to dental offices. Founded a year ago at the initiative of a dentist, Tooty offers an online platform accessible via an à la carte subscription.

Connected to the site, the practitioner immerses the patient in virtual 3D experiences suited to the dental session.
This improves both the perception of care, the understanding of treatments, and helps the patient channel his or her emotions.

Various immersive experiences are available and enable the patient: 
- to see the inside of his or her own mouth (images are taken with a 2D or 3D intraoral camera) and the aesthetic proposal of the smile in partnership with prosthetic laboratories.
- to watch animated presentations of the most common dental treatments
- to relax in a soothing and immersive visual and audio environment.

Virtual Reality is also very useful in the educational field. Tooty offers dental students online tools to improve their knowledge of anatomy. 


Oral Health Startup Experience at the ADF Annual Dental Meeting
Photo credit: Francesco Gallarotti/Unsplash