Registration Fees

To visit the Exhibition

The Exhibition is open to all healthcare professionals - Admission is free

Persons registered to attend the Conference have permanent access to the Exhibition with their Conference Attendee Pass. 

Skip the queues by printing your Visitor pass at home

Print your Visitor Pass

To attend the Conference 

All passes give access to the lectures and live clinical demonstrations, and to the Exhibition for its entire duration. 
All workshops - hands-on, medical emergency and anatomical dissection - as well as the masterclasses and the Radiation protection session are limited-attendance sessions with an additional admission fee.

Five-day and one-day passes // compulsory registration

If you have kept your Conference Delegate pass from previous years, you will get a €5 discount on your registration. All you need to do when you arrive at the venue is to update your pass at the terminals provided for the purpose.


  1st june - 30 june 1st July - 25 Nov.  from 26 Nov. 
Five-day Pass €499 €749 €899
One-day Pass* €499 €649
* The Wednesday Pass includes Tuesday afternoon and the Friday Pass includes Saturday morning

Newly-qualified Dentist

(Any Dental Graduate who completed their Ph.D in 2016, 2017 or 2018 - proof of status is required)
Five-day Pass €325

Retired Dentist

Any pratictioner who has retired from the dental profession and receives a pension.
(Proof of Status required)

Five-day Pass €199

Dental Student

– Any Dental Student who is not yet qualified to practice (pregraduate).
– Applies to 2019 Dental Graduates.
– Proof of status required (University Certificate of Enrolment or Attendance).

Five-day Pass €99

Dental Assistant

Five-day Pass €299

Dental Technician

Five-day Pass €299


  Additional Registration Fee
Hands-on Workshops // Emergency Medicine Workshop €120
Radiation Protection Session €180
Masterclasses €180
Anatomical Dissection Workshop €500

How to register

The Attendee Registration includes:
— admission to all the lectures and live clinical demonstrations
— a Conference Attendee bag, to be collected on level 0 on the Neuilly side
— the scientific brochures Les Dossiers de l'ADF published by the ADF in 2019 (in French), which will be handed to you at the ADF Pavilion on level 1 on presentation of your Conference Attendee Pass.


Choose among several hands-on workshops or register for the Emergency Medical workshop, the Masterclass or the Anatomical Dissection workshop. 

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